[Zope-DB] Incomplete, unreliable results sets on Zope 2.6.3

David Woods dwoods at wcer.wisc.edu
Fri Feb 20 15:06:56 EST 2004

We've been using Zope 2.3.2 for several years and it's been wonderful.  (We
stuck with an old version because I didn't have time to recreate a couple of
products that wouldn't survive the upgrade.)  We recently got a new server,
so I intalled Zope 2.6.3 and resolved the upgrade problems we'd had before.

Our site connects to MS-SQL Server heavily, as each page requires a fair
number of database reads to determine the contents.  There's nothing special
about the connection.  We use the Z-ODBC Database Connector and ZSQL

Since the move to the new server, though, we've had sporadic problems with
getting incomplete data from the queries.  For example, a query that should
get a list 65 students for a particular course from the database might get
all 65, but it might get 8 or 1 or 17 or 62 instead.  Zope acts like it's
just gotten all the data it should have and just carries on.

I can run the same query in the Z-ODBC Connector's test box on Zope 2.3.2
and Zope 2.6.3, hitting the same database, and the old Zope will ALWAYS get
the correct answer, while the new Zope won't.

Anybody have any ideas what I can do to fix this problem?  I've got 120
students about to hit my site, and I've got to have this fixed before they

Thanks in advance,

David K. Woods, Ph.D.
STELLAR Lead Developer
Wisconsin Center for Education Research
University of Wisconsin, Madison

  "Computers are like Old Testament gods;
   lots of rules and no mercy."
                       -- Joseph Campbell

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