[Zope-DB] Newbie: Number appended with L?

Sorisio, Chris ChrisSorisio at PeakTechnical.com
Tue Feb 24 14:49:03 EST 2004

Hola folks,

I'm trying to extract a subset of data from an Oracle database and import it
into a PostgreSQL database.  The scripts I've written work fine with MySQL,
but I've encountered some problems trying to modify them to work with PG.

Currently, I dump my results into a pickle file, and use another script to
upload them into the database.  One row of data after extraction looks like:

['sand', 40055L, 'WALLACE', 'HUTTON', 'HUTTON,WALLACE', None, '2003-07-24',
'LAD', None, None, None, 'M', 842L, '1998-12-22', 'PAB']

Why is there an L after 40055, and another after 842?  Is there something
else I should be doing to cleanse those numbers?

When I import the data into MySQL, it works fine and isn't irritated by the
L's.  PostgreSQL, however, is rather upset about them (and the None's, which
I can turn into NULL's easily enough.)

Any insight most appreciated,

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