[Zope-DB] plz help me

=?gb2312?B?UGhvbmVAV29ybGSkzqW1pemluQ==?= hwang at phoneatworld.com
Tue Feb 24 20:33:46 EST 2004

now i have decided to use the mailboxer to release the function mailing l=
and i have installed the mailboxer successfully

But I don't know how to use it
I have created a sample mailboxer object ID=3D"list1"
when I click the view,I only can see a search form
what's means of it?

Plz help me


Best Regards
Phone at World=A4=CE=A5=B5=A5=E9=A5=B9

=A5=E1=A9`=A5=EB=A3=BAhwang at phoneatworld.com


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> On 1970-01-01 at 01:00:00 [+0100], Phone at World=A4=CE=A5=B5=A5=E9=A5=B9 =
> > hi everybody
> > now i am developing a web site by zope/python
> > i wanna release the mailing list function by zmailman/mailman
> > anybody can tell me how to connect the mailman by zmailman
> > and if i use the DB Mysql,whether the zmailman/mailman can connect it=
> You cannot use an external RDBMS with Mailman without additional
> customisation. Regarding zmailman please check the documentation.
> Regards
> Charlie Clark

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