[Zope-DB] Error from ZOracleDA test suite

Chris Withers chris at simplistix.co.uk
Wed Feb 25 17:09:04 EST 2004

Hi Matt & list,

Finally coming back to ZOracleDA after a long break, getting the following 
failure from the test suite:

ERROR: test_fetchall (test2.test_DCOracle2_connect)
Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "test2.py", line 26, in test_fetchall
     r = self.c.fetchall()
   File "ZOracleDA/DCOracle2/DCOracle2.py", line 1238, in fetchall
     v = self.fetchone(skip=skip)
   File "ZOracleDA/DCOracle2/DCOracle2.py", line 1190, in fetchone
     v = col[self._rcount].value()
DatabaseError: (22060, 'OCI-22060: argument [2] is an invalid or uninitialized 

The test basically does the following, where c is a cursor:

c.execute("select * from emp")
r = c.fetchall()

...where EMP contains the EMP table from the scott.sql that ships in CVS 
ZOracleDA's test package...

Any ideas what the error means and what could be causing it?



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