[Zope-DB] oracle 8i + Zope-2.7.0 + WinXp

Jairo Amaral pmg.guarulhos at sysmaker.net
Tue Jun 8 09:17:33 EDT 2004

I'm beginner in Zope,
I downloaded Zope-2.7.0 (with Python 2.3.3) and DCOracle2-1_2.zip, and then
I tried to use it with Oracle 8i, but I still became the same message :

ERROR: Python version mismatch

The supplied binaries are pre-built against Python 1.5.2 and
Python 2.1.  You are currently running Python 2.3.3.
You will need to rebuild DCOracle2 from source to generate
the C binding module for Oracle.

what should I do?

thanks for help


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