[Zope-DB] returning id of an inserted record

Remy Pinsonnault remy_pinsonnault at roche.ca
Thu Jun 10 18:28:34 EDT 2004

See http://zope.org/Documentation/Books/ZopeBook/2_6Edition/AppendixA.stx

More precisely chapter on dtml-in attributes.

<dtml-var sequence-length> inside a dtml-in returns you the number of loops
or elements of your query.

If you want to do an insert without looking at the result, use dtml-call

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On 10 Jun 2004 at 15:52, Jim Penny  wrote:

> > I do this..
> > <dtml-call "add_buyer(REQUEST)">
> <dtml-in "add_buyer(REQUEST)">
> ...
> </dtml-in>
> Or, in ZPT, see tal:repeat.

Can you direct me to the reference for the 
variables/values returned by this kind of a 
request? I am particularly interested in the 
syntax for the length (number of items returned) 
but I am sure there some useful things coming 
back that I haven't discerned and don't use 
because I haven't seen them in the examples I 



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