[Zope-DB] Passing Database variables

Billy billy.oconnell at verizon.net
Fri Jun 11 02:39:17 EDT 2004

Hi all,

I have just started using zope, and I hope the problem I am experiencing is 
relevant to this group; if not sorry.

I am trying to create a link based on data taken from the database.  I am 
using dtml method (although, at this point, I am willing to try 
anything).  The list grabs the date and title of a documents out of the 
database and creates the list.  The title is shown as a link.  When the 
link is clicked on, I want to pass these values to another page and print 
out the document on its own.  I am unable to pass the values to the next page.

Here is my code that creates the list:
list_all_docs is the ZSQL used... just a simple select statement.

  <dtml-in list_all_docs>
      <dtml-var month>/<dtml-var day>/<dtml-var year> <a 
href="items"><dtml-var title></a>

This prints out what I want.  Now I need to pass the values to the next 
page...  I have tried using hidden fields with post/get, but with no 
luck.  Any suggestions would be very appreciated.


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