[Zope-DB] mysql concurrency

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Thu Jun 17 14:31:10 EDT 2004

mkur at gazeta.pl wrote at 2004-6-15 21:40 +0200:
>The application is two-tier with mysql connections over
>GE. Performance is OK but it seems it has problems with concurrency.
>ZMySQLDA is not able to maintain more then 2 connections at the same
>time. With increasing load each request is effectively waiting for it's
>connection and responses become really slow ...

We are using ZMySQLDA and do not observe this problem. In fact,
we have several dozens of connections at the same time.

It is very astonishing that you get 2 connections.
I would expect either 1 or many.

Do you restrict the number of Zope threads (to 2?) or ZODB connections
(to 2)?


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