[Zope-DB] MS SQL Server, Zsql and stored procedures

Peter Millar peter.millar at parasyn.com.au
Sun Jun 27 18:30:10 EDT 2004

Hi all zsql experts.

Running Plone 2.0, MS SQL Server, egenix MXODBC

I have a simple stored procedure and from my zsql method I can run it
and it works perfectly.

I have another that requires parameters.  How do I call this passing the

I have tried 
Zsql = dbo.usp_getmystuff 'abc','123','456' 
Zsql = dbo.usp_getmystuff <dtml-sqlvar sdate type=string> <dtml-sqlvar
edate type=string> <dtml-sqlvar name type=string>

But these don't work ... I get errors each time ... Or if I hard code
the parameters in the zsql method I get no results returned and yet
ofcourse I have tested my stored procedure and it works and there are
lots of results.

Peter Millar 

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