[Zope-DB] Re: Relational Databases in Zope 2 and Zope 3

Nick Bower nicholas.bower at jrc.it
Mon Jun 28 10:31:54 EDT 2004

Yeah great isn't it - my colleagues using that other OO language get to 
rave about Hibernate, meanwhile as a person with a year of Zope, I'm 
trying to scoop up any breadcrumbs I can about how to move past 
something called ZSQL methods. ;)

Yes I also feel Zope ORM is something that's annoyingly lacking, but 
it's probably not a trivial thing to address either unfortunately.

BTW - First impressions to me of SQLObjects (thanks for info) were that 
the suggested method for modelling joined classes didn't look very well 
conceived.  Furthermore, embedding RDB semantics (classMember = 
StringCol()???) in your business objects looked simplistic when POJOs 
and even Zope objects try and abstract this sort of thing elsewhere. 
Maybe that's too harsh comparing apples and oranges, and as I said, I've 
never used it.

Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
> Chris,
>> Several people have commented on the rather archeic state of affairs 
>> of the standards for RDB integration in Zope 2. There's also Zope 3 to 
>> think about.
>> How is RDB integration currently supported in Zope 3?
> There's not much out-of-the-box. Since Zope3 integrates much better with 
> pure-Python solutions, I think it will be more common to use 
> object-relational mappers such as SQLObjects rather than hacking your 
> own SQLMethods. We still have those around, in the form of 'SQLScripts', 
> but they are content objects and meant for scripters.
> Sidnei has implemented a rather big application using Zope3 and 
> SQLObject. The small glue code that was necessary is now open source 
> (ZPL) at the z3 base, http://codespeak.net/z3, svn under 
> http://codespeak.net/svn/z3/sqlos/trunk.
> Using SQLObject, relational data meets Zope3 as content objects. You can 
> use simply use Zope3 schemas to describe your data (shouldn't be too 
> hard to model those when you've already got a relational schema ;)) and 
> you can, of course, register views and adapter for those objects just 
> like they were persistent...
>> What are the possibilities for a new standard for RDB integration in 
>> Zope 2?
> Maybe we can facilitate some stuff there with Five, but I think the 
> overall acquisition and persistency stuff will come back and bite us in 
> the arse...
>> How can these two worlds be brought to meet, and should we be seeking 
>> to do so?
> Note sure that that is really necessary. New projects could be starting 
> with Zope3 already now, I think. sqlos is running in production and is 
> therefore probably more mature than, say, Zope3's indexing machinery ;).
> Philipp
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