[Zope-DB] Re: Oracle & Zope

Matthew T. Kromer matt at bane.mi.org
Mon Jun 28 11:35:38 EDT 2004

Matt Hamilton wrote:

>>I'd be very interested to hear views on the above, particularly from Matt,
>>eGenix guys and the cxOracle maintainers if anyone knows how to contact
>I presume, that Matt is me? :)  I don't know the Oracle code at all very
>well.  I have installed DCOracle2 a few times in the past, but I don't
>know the specifics of it.  All I do know is that the ability to connect to
>Oracle is a very big checkbox on the list of 'is Plone good for my
>enterprise'.  If we were to lose it, there would be a lot of people put
>off.  The project I am working on now, requires connection to Oracle, but
>we haven't got that far yet.  I was thinking of just using DCOracle2, but
>then I didn't know of any alternative plans.
>If the other Oracle libs you mention have a python binding (I think one
>does doesn't it) then it should be fairly trivial to write the Zope DA.  I
>think the DCOracle2 problems were mainly to do with the actual C interface
>right? (and its impact on threading).

The Matt he was referring to was probably me.

I will generally help debug & diagnose issues with the C driver that are 
brought to my attention, but I dont work on it very actively any more.

I went out and set up a SourceForge site to host the code (I want to 
move it off of zope.org and split the Oracle adapter and Zope adapters 
apart again) but I haven't done anything further at this stage.

Chris has patched some of the Zope driver-isms that cause some of the 
worst behavior in the driver, but MOST of the Zope 2 RDBMS plumbing is 
overdue for the attack of the roto-rooters to clean out 5 years of 
sediment.  The amount of inertia involved is largely what prevents this 
from taking place.

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