[Zope-DB] Re: Database Corruption (1 possible solution)

Eugene el-spam at yandex.ru
Wed Jun 30 04:39:24 EDT 2004

Hello Nick,

I guess in your case error was in DB index. Zope lookups for object in
the index and then tried to access in DB, but there was no this object
- so it raises error.
Then you delete this files, zope recreated correct index from scratch.

NB> The solution was to remove the Data.fs.index and Data.fs.tmp files and
NB> let ZODB rebuild them on startup.  Why this worked I have no idea (it
NB> was a stab in the dark at the time) as I don't know much about ZODB
NB> internals.  However, this happened to us twice in a single week (which
NB> on it's own is quite sad).

NB> Ramon Aseniero wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> Is there a way to prevent the Zope database from being corrupted?
>> Thanks,
>> Ramon
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Best regards,
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