[Zope-DB] ZODBCDA for Zope 2.7?

David Woods DWoods at education.wisc.edu
Sat Mar 13 18:51:07 EST 2004

I have had really bad experiences with ZODBCDA.  Specifically, I was
getting only partial results sets, which obviously caused a lot of
problems.  I'd recommend being very careful.  My problems were finally
solved when I switched to mxODBC for Zope.


>>> "Florian Reiser" <florian.reiser at ra-bc.de> 03/13/04 7:29 AM >>>
Dear ladies and gentlemen,

I use ZODBCDA on Zope 2.6 and I am very satisfied with
this database adapter.
Now I'm updating to Zope 2.7.
Is there a sql.pyd for python 2.3?

With kind regards
Florian Reiser

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