[Zope-DB] Question: detecting aborted transactions

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Wed Mar 17 18:28:42 EST 2004

jelle wrote at 2004-3-15 11:00 -0800:
>I'm using python 2.1.3 -> Zope 2.6.3 -> zope python script -> ZSQL -> 
>Zpsycopg DA 1.1.11 -> postgresql 7.4.1
>The zope python scripts have try-except blocks for each ZSQL call. 
>Unfortunately an aborted transaction is not caught in the except block.

Do not use such "try-except" clauses.
They will bring you grief (probably, they brought it already).

Instead, handle all exceptions in your "standard_error_message".


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