[Zope-DB] Need help passing table data as a variable to next SQL method

Gil Pangilinan gpangilinan at acsia.com
Fri Oct 8 14:21:55 EDT 2004

I'm fairly new to Zope, Python, and SQL so bear with me.  I have 
successfully created the first table to be viewed but now having trouble.

The first SQL query returned a table of  each row that has 4 pieces of data.
What I'm struggling with now is taking each of those 4 pieces of data 
and passing them as arguments for the next SQL method I need to run.

Just to give a generic example, this first table displays companies and 
their ID's.  I need to pass the company name and ID's to the next SQL 
method that will then bring up all the employees for that specific 
company and branch.  Any advice pointing me in the right direction will 
be greatly appreciated.


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