[Zope-DB] DCoracle for pyhton 2.3.3 on linux plateform

Arthur EBEL arthur.ebel at utt.fr
Mon Oct 11 05:41:41 EDT 2004


I try to connect my zope (on a linux box) with a Oracle DB 8.1.7 using 

python : 2.3.3
zope : 2.7.2-0

Here is the error message :

  python install.py
Installing: binary release for Python 2.2
... test loading DCOracle2 ...
ERROR: DCOracle2 failed to load

The most likely reason DCOracle2 failed to load is a platform
binary mismatch between your version of Oracle and the
version of Oracle the pre-built binary was compiled against,
Oracle 8i.  You can either rebuild DCOracle2 from source, or
install Oracle 8i client libraries on your computer.  You
may be able to obtain Oracle client libraries at

The python error message is:
exceptions.ImportError: libclntsh.so.8.0: cannot open shared object file: 
No such file or directory

Have u got an idea.

Where can I found a DCOracle for python2.3.3 ??



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