[Zope-DB] Introduction and question

Germer, Carsten carsten.germer at desy.de
Mon Oct 18 04:36:03 EDT 2004

Hello everyone,

I'm Carsten Germer from the research facility DESY in Hamburg, Germany.
We're using Zope and ZMS to centraly set up and manage our many different
research groups public websites.

Now, there is many Data that should be made accessible through their sites
in Oracle 9i Database tables, we basically just need to display this or that
table on this or that page.
I just begun testing DCOracle2 in the core Zope (without ZMS-AddOns) and it
works fine for me.

I have one question, though: Our DBA is a bit picky about idle connections
which I seem to have pretty often. Every time I look in the "status"-Tab it
says "The database connection is closed." which sounds good to me :)
1. I usually shut down and start zope once a night, does this open any
2. When anyone accesses a page with a query display or maybe changes
something (Z SQL Methods with Page templates) does this commit and or close
the connection automatically after usage?
I didn't find some kind of "timeout settings" or the like on the Database

Thanks in advance! /Carsten

Carsten Germer         Deutsches Elektronen Synchrotron (Web-Office, IT)
phone:  +49-40-8998-1661                                    Notkestr. 85
web: http://wof.desy.de                                    22607 Hamburg
e-mail: carsten.germer at desy.de                                   Germany

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