[Zope-DB] Zip-Distances: MySQL or ZopeDB?

Gregor Melhorn g.melhorn at web.de
Tue Oct 19 06:16:23 EDT 2004

Hello everyone,


I am rather new to zope, maybe you could help me with the following problem:


I'm planning to do a dating community site in zope, with about  50 000
members and up to 10 000 members being logged in at the same time. Search
function is only for members, so it needs to be authenticated. Searching for
other people is based on distance (search for all people in 50 km distance
etc.), and I also have a database with geodata for all zip-codes. 


So now there's the problem: The search function of the site will be used
very often, and every different zip-code-query will of course generate
different results. Also a new registered user will again generate different
results. Searching is subclassed in different distances ("up to 50 km", "up
to 100 km" and so on...). 


Regarding performance, I thought of creating a large lookup-table in mysql
with all distances of all zip's to all the other zips and building an
according select query for the user-list. On the other hand - outsorcing the
user (and therefore authentication data) will slow down the site, since
nearly everything on site needs to be authenticated, won't it? 


Maybe there's some combined solution to this problem - any ideas? I'm really
rather new to Zope, help would be really appreciated.




Gregor Melhorn



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