[Zope-DB] Re:Initializing DCOracle2 and connecting to outside script

Barry Sperling barry at angleinc.com
Tue Oct 19 16:03:52 EDT 2004

Jim Abramson wrote:

> well, there appears to be some help here:
> http://www.zope.org/Members/mikey/dco2doc
> The thing you need from here is dco2.pyd (pre-built binaries for py 2.3
> don't come with the distribution, which is the reason your install.py is
> complaining).
> I -think- you can just unzip the DCOracle2 dist archive into your
> lib/python/Products folder, and put mikey's dco2.pyd into the outer
> DCOracle2 folder there (next to  __init__.py, version.py and
> DCOracle2.py), and that should get you up and running after a Zope
> restart.  However, I'm not a licensed DCOracle2 Support Technician and
> can guarantee nothing...
> Good Luck
> Jim

	Ok, I took the dco2.pyd and put it into lib\Python\Products and there 
was a __init__.py but not version.py or DCOracle2.py.
	Next the DCOracle2 was unzipped to the Products folder and, following 
instructions, the folder was renamed "ZOracleDA".
	Then I rebooted and clicked on the install.py.  A command window opened 
briefly and then closed with no message.
	Trying to start the Zope instance, however, caused the same error as 
before:   Import Error: no module named dco2	which occurred twice in the 
traceback.  Trying to start Zope reported that there was no connection 
with port 8080.  When this happened before I deleted the DCOracle2 files 
and things booted OK.
	What am I not doing/forgetting?

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