AW: [Zope-DB] Zip-Distances: MySQL or ZopeDB?

Charlie Clark charlie at
Wed Oct 20 08:27:07 EDT 2004

On 2004-10-19 at 13:24:38 [+0200], Gregor Melhorn <g.melhorn at> wrote:
> Dear Charlie, dear Andreas,
> wow, response was fast, hail to the community! :-)
> I thought of using Mysql 4 on Linux for the backend - I didn't go further
> into this for now, since we're planning to develop the application with
> performance in mind, and when near completion we'll look for an appropriate
> hard- and software backend, buying in as necessary and doing extensive
> performance testing on different configurations.

> We chose Zope, since in need of performance and scalability I didn't see
> anything that would scale so well as Zope and at the same time be so easy to
> develop with. Do you have any suggestions on the mysql backend, too?

MySQL itself has at least four different backends - sufficient reason to 
avoid it in my opinion. Things have improved sine MySQL incorporated the 
SAP-DB (now known as MAX DB, I think). In your case you will need to check 
which one provides the best support for your GeoData.

Zope certainly is an excellent platform for integrating RDBMS quickly and 
> I'll try exUserFolder, though 12 open bugs and a version number of 0.20.1
> don't make me that confident. Anyway, it seems to work for others, too...
> Any suggestions on where to get documentation on this one?

Who needs version numbers? Works fine for

You have to work your way through it and ask on the mailing list. The best 
thing is to try a few of different types of membership and property source. 
You may well find that XUF already has a scheme pretty close to what you 
need. Other than that - hat off the Andrew Milton who wrote and maintains it 
and is always very helpful on the mailing list.


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