[Zope-DB] Wierd rollback problem in mxODBC DA

Philip Kilner phil at xfr.co.uk
Thu Oct 21 04:56:41 EDT 2004

Hi List,

I have a problem which may or may not be mODBC DA related. The target 
database is MS SQL Server 2000.

A script which calls a ZSQL method which inserts records into a table 
from data in a view was reported to be running without error but having 
no effect.

On testing the ZSQL method in isolation, the results set returned the 
appropriate number of records, complete with identity field data. On 
reviewing the table, the records were not there but the counter for the 
identity field indicated that the numbers in question had been allocated.

As far as I can determine, this must be a failed transaction which is 
being rolled back (But should I see a result dataset in the ZSQL method 
if this were the case?). However, I see no error indicating the reason 
for the failure, and when the identical code to that in the ZSQL method 
was run as a stored procedure, the process ran as intended (e.g. the 
transaction was not rolled back).

How can I figure out if I am right about the roll back, and identify the 
reason for the difference in behaviour of the same script in the two 
different locations?

I do not now have a failing data set - subsequent batches of data were 
processed as intended, using the ZSQL Method.




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