[Zope-DB] Wierd rollback problem in mxODBC DA

Philip Kilner phil at xfr.co.uk
Fri Oct 22 05:37:09 EDT 2004

Hi Charlie,

Charlie Clark wrote:
>>- calling the ZSQL from a script failed (but incremented the identity
>>"counter" by the number of records involved, indicating a roll-back (?).
> Probably. The counter might be incremented automatically by the size of the 
> SELECT result set but this is implementation...


>>- running the single ZSQL method on it's own exhibited the same
>>behaviour - with the added feature of the entered records being returned
>>by the select.

...but in the bare ZSQL Method run I see the Candidate Registration 
number (the identity field) per candidate...

> So, success as expected.

...*however*, the transaction is rolled back /after/ I have seen the 
records on screen from the select in the ZSQL Method, so we're in the 
same position as above - incremented counter, no records.

>>- running the code from the ZSQL method as a stored procedure worked.
> So, success as expected.

Yes - in this case it works exactly as per spec.

>>Agreed - problem is, I no longer have a failing batch to play with!
> oh, no development system? Slapped wrists for you then!
> Duplicate the database, remove all entries and start from scratch.

I have a development system locally, and if I zap these specific 
candidates, I can re-run this - but I need to finish what I'm working on 
now before I can restore a current copy of the database into my local 
set-up (Unless I set up a 2nd local instance - seems like overkill!).




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