[Zope-DB] Some help about introductory Zope concepts.

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Thu Sep 7 16:13:55 EDT 2006

Jose Carlos Balderas Alberico wrote at 2006-9-6 08:42 +0200:
> ....
>I've been reading documentation for a month, and although I think I
>understand what Zope is used for, there's still something I can't embrace,
>which is Zope's interaction with Apache.

Please read the "virtual hosting" section in the Zope Book
(2.7 edition, online on "plope.org").

> ...
>Another question that bothers me is: what exactly is "Zope content"?



may help you?

>As far
>as I can tell, it's content that will be server by Zope, but after
>integrating Zope and Apache, the previous folder, called /htdocs, could be
>considered "Zope content"?

Apache by itself delivers "static content" (the content of "/htdocs"
are (mostly) files that are delivered as is).

Most Zope content, on the other hand, is not static but dynamically
created -- more like CGI scripts than files.


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