[Zope-DB] Unified DA for Zope 2 using SQLAlchemy?

Maciej Wisniowski maciej.wisniowski at coig.katowice.pl
Sun Mar 25 17:54:14 EDT 2007

> In the Zope 2 worlds we have dedicated database adapters
> for different databases. Fortunately the Python world made us a
> wonderful present called SQLAlchemy that abstracts the different
> databases. In the Zope world we have some wrappers like
> z3c.zalchemy and z3c.sqlalchemy... basically they deal with connection
> handling, mapper handling and integration with the Zope transaction
> system. Would it make sense to replace all different Zope DAs with
> a generic DA on top of one of the z3c.* wrappers? I think it would not
> be too hard to write such a DA...or am I missing something? Thoughts?

Now (in Zope2) we have things like ZOracleDA (DCOracle2), ZPsycopgDA
etc. that are adapters to these specific databases. They're based on
In Zope3 there are also such adapters eg. one using cx_Oracle. They're
based on Zope3 rdb module.

What do you mean by 'replacing' them? You want wrapper build for
z3c.* to be used instead of ZRDB (rdb)?

You're talking about Zope2 or Zope3 too?

I don't fully understand what you want to do...

Maciej Wisniowski

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