[Zope-DB] Unified DA for Zope 2 using SQLAlchemy?

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Mon Mar 26 16:21:02 EDT 2007

Andreas Jung wrote at 2007-3-25 17:49 +0200:
>In the Zope 2 worlds we have dedicated database adapters
>for different databases. Fortunately the Python world made us a
>wonderful present called SQLAlchemy that abstracts the different
>databases. In the Zope world we have some wrappers like
>z3c.zalchemy and z3c.sqlalchemy... basically they deal with connection
>handling, mapper handling and integration with the Zope transaction
>system. Would it make sense to replace all different Zope DAs with
>a generic DA on top of one of the z3c.* wrappers? I think it would not
>be too hard to write such a DA...or am I missing something? Thoughts?

As I think I know you a bit, I would expect that you also want
to deprecate the current support and get rid of it altogether
within a year.

This would get an even greater desaster than the tried removal of "zLOG":
huge amounts of applications would stop to work -- and many people
would stop to use new Zope releases.

Otherwise, I would not object against an *additional* SQLAlchemy based


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