[Zope-dev] Random SESSION variables disappearing

dieter at handshake.de dieter at handshake.de
Wed Jul 5 14:50:05 EDT 2006

Tina Matter wrote at 2006-7-5 08:45 -0700:
>I noticed that someone else encountered this same
>problem back in February.  However, the only response
>that person received was that this is not possible.
>Anyway, I am running into the same problem, where
>random session variables are disappearing.  The
>session is still there because my error log indicates
>that the SESSION id and token are still set.  However,
>many, and sometimes all of my other session variables
>disappear at random causing an error when trying to
>reference any of the objects.

These are "top level" session variables?
I.e. something you defined with "SESSION.set(myvar, some_value)"?
And not variables inside "some_value"?

One can easily believe that all variables disappear.
That happens for example when the session times out.

But it is very difficult to believe that individual
session variables should disappear as all of them
are treated in the same way: all or none should disappear...

We might have an invalidation bug (although it is unlikely,
as it should hit all storages and not only sessions) which
might cause some connections to see an older state.
In this case, the variable you loose should be your newest


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