[Zope-dev] database

Graziella Toutoungis graztoutoungis at yahoo.fr
Tue Jan 9 05:43:04 EST 2007

I didn't find ZPsycopgDA but i have finded the package
psycopg2.* who contain ZpsycopgDA,
I buid it and install it,
i don't know what doing else for installing ZpsycopgDA
between my products?
the file event.log don't give me any error?

thanks fo all helps

> Graziella Toutoungis wrote at 2007-1-8 14:32 +0000:
> >In order to connect via Zope to a database
> (postgresql) i search an adapter for postgresql8.*.
> >I found it ZPoPyDa, i try to install it in
> MyZopeInsatance/Products without success , i tried
> in zope/lib/python/products no success also.
> >
> >Where i have to install this adapter (for seeing it
> in my product's list in the control panel)?
> >There is another adapter for postgresql8.*?
> We are using "ZPsycopgDA" (with Zope 2.8.1 and
> Postgres 8) without
> problems.
> -- 
> Dieter

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