[Zope-dev] Re: ploneout - Or how using zc.buildout for a common Zope2 project might look like

Daniel Nouri daniel at infrae.com
Wed Jan 17 05:35:11 EST 2007

I only know the answer for a few of these...

Martin Aspeli wrote:
>   - In my workingenv (i.e. when I've done source bin/activate) I had
> some trouble using 'paster', because it couldn't find various eggs,
> e.g. ZopeSkel, Paste, PasteScript, PasteDeploy and Cheetah. What's
> annoying is that I had to do each one of these manually, i.e. I ran
> 'easy_install ZopeSkel' and it found the egg (without any trip to the
> cheese shop), but then it complained about PasteScript, so I did
> 'easy_install PasteScript', but then it complained about PasteDeploy
> etc. This is while I'm running 'paster create'. Did I do something
> wrong? I think I read somewhere that workingenv can re-use my system
> PYTHONPATH which may or may not be useful

workingenv has the --site-packages option which includes all site
packages available at install time.  I'm not sure what's going on in
your case though, because those dependencies should certainly be tracked
down normally, no?

>   - Once I got it up, I used 'paster create -t plone' to create a new
> project in parts/instance/src/my.package. Is this good practice?

I believe you're not supposed to put anything into parts/.  parts/ is
buildout's playground.

>   - How am I meant to update my plone bundles? I tried running
> ./bin/buildout -v again, but that wiped my parts/instance directory!
> It came back, but lacking things like Products/ ...

Welcome to the wonderful world of buildout. *scnr* ;-)


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