[Zope-dev] RFC: Eggifying Zope's extension mechanism ("Products")

Martin Aspeli optilude at gmx.net
Thu Jan 25 08:07:02 EST 2007

Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
> For their upcoming versions, Zope 2 consuming platforms such as Plone
> are creating standard Zope3-style Python packages while still having
> Zope 2 products around.  This proposal aims at unifying the deployment
> of products and Python packages into a Zope 2 instance alike by using
> Python eggs and their entry point system.
> See 
> http://wiki.zope.org/zope2/EggifyingZopesExtensionMechanismQuotProductsQuot 
> for the full proposal. Comments are appreciated. I plan on implementing 
> it at the Camp5 BBQ sprint (http://www.openplans.org/projects/bbq-sprint)

So, to be clear:

 - You would have lib/python/Products/CMFCore as an alternative to
 - Products in lib/python would be picked up by entry point rather than
scanning Products/
 - The entry points would work with non-products as well, e.g. if
lib/python/plone/foobar had the entry point, it could be a project
 - This would supersede the five:registerProduct directive we have now

If so, this sounds great, so +1 :)

I do wonder what would happen if you had both lib/python/Products/CMFCore
and Products/CMFCore, though. Would there be an explicit preference or would
Zope fail to start up with a conflict? I think I'd prefer the latter, in
fact, so that people don't end up modifying/upgrading the wrong code by

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