[Zope-dev] Re: ploneout - Or how using zc.buildout for a common Zope2 project might look like

Jim Fulton jim at zope.com
Sun Jan 28 15:58:37 EST 2007

whit wrote:
>> Specific use cases would help to guide this.
> the main usecase for me is the following... hanno writes a recipe for 
> plone, and I want to use that recipe as part of setting up a openplans 
> development environment (for example inside my workingenv that I've been 
> developing w/out plone).

Does this recipe create something in particular? A Plone instance?
A Plone software install?

> I'd like with minimal effort to have build in my setup without having to 
> dig too deep into the existing buildout or the framework driving it.

By "have build in my setup", you mean, use buildout in your setup to
leverage Hanno's recipe?

> This might be as simple as having buildout(at my own risk), do less with 
> creating special pythonpaths in scripts(or perhaps just appending the 
> existing one as the zope2 zopectl script does now).

The eggs recipe let's you add paths not provided by scripts. Other
recipes that extend the eggs recipe typically let you do this too.
I'm not sure if this is what you are getting at..

If you could get a bit more specific, then so could I. :)

> I'd also like to have the development eggs and normal eggs go where I 
> currently have my eggs(lib/python, /src). as I believe you've pointed 
> out that can be done by simple modification of the cfg file and that'd 
> be fine.

Yup.  I'll repeat that allowing for shared eggs across buildouts
can be a major win.


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