[Zope-dev] ZGDChart on Zope 2.10

Juan Javier Carrera Obrero jcarrera at uco.es
Thu May 17 06:51:31 EDT 2007

Hi !

I am trying to install "ZGDChart" on Zope 2.10.4 (with RedHat Enterprise 
5 and Python 2.4.4), but I have not gotten it.

I have tried to use: "gd library" (version gd-2.0.34), "gdchart" 
(version gdchar0.11.5dev), "pygdchart" (version pygdchart2) and 
"ZGDChart" (version ZGDChart-70), although I have tried different 
versions, too.

I have gotten to compile it and I can to create a graph on Zope, but 
when I try to view the graph then the ZGDChart product shows the next 
error: " Module Products.ZGDChart.ZGDChart, line 932, in _setOption"

Anybody can help me, about this problem ?

Thanks !

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