[Zope-dev] many conflict errors

Maciej Wisniowski maciej.wisniowski at coig.katowice.pl
Fri May 25 10:11:04 EDT 2007

> I set it now to 9600/4800 (Timeout/Resolution) but it seams that it has
> no effect.
Hm... where did you set this? At faster's preferences page in ZMI?
can you verify that these settings are used?
To change timeout/resolution to high values for standard session
implementation in zope.conf I had to patch one of zope core files,
otherwise it was not possible to start zope.

One more thing may be that these errors appears because of large
number of newly created session objects, eg. after zope restart.
I mean that when you restart zope and then run 10 concurrent requests
10 new session objects will be created. This may (and possibly do) cause
conflicts as these are all changes to OOBTree.
When you run these 10 concurrent requests again from the same browsers
(without restarting zope) then objects are already created so only
session resolution may be taken into account I think.

How do you check this? One more thing I wonder about is what number
of threads your zope instance is running?

> I read this already I am also using the faster-session product and
> patched it to use the AppendOnlyDict.
In this case it had no effect for me too.

Maciej Wisniowski

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