[Zope-dev] many conflict errors

Perry js at aixtraware.de
Fri May 25 10:29:49 EDT 2007

Maciej Wisniowski schrieb:
>> I set it now to 9600/4800 (Timeout/Resolution) but it seams that it has
>> no effect.
> Hm... where did you set this? At faster's preferences page in ZMI?
> can you verify that these settings are used?
don't know how.

> To change timeout/resolution to high values for standard session
> implementation in zope.conf I had to patch one of zope core files,
> otherwise it was not possible to start zope.
> One more thing may be that these errors appears because of large
> number of newly created session objects, eg. after zope restart.
> I mean that when you restart zope and then run 10 concurrent requests
> 10 new session objects will be created. This may (and possibly do) cause
> conflicts as these are all changes to OOBTree.
> When you run these 10 concurrent requests again from the same browsers
> (without restarting zope) then objects are already created so only
> session resolution may be taken into account I think.
> How do you check this? One more thing I wonder about is what number
> of threads your zope instance is running?
we have 4 Zeo-Clients with 4 threads each accessing one ZEO-Server on a 
different machine.



Gruß Joachim

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