[Zope-dev] request.locale

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Fri Sep 7 14:42:09 EDT 2007

Laurence Rowe wrote at 2007-9-6 22:29 +0100:
>Quite a lot of zope3 code (zc.datetimewidget for instance) expects to be 
>able to access request.locale. ZPublisher does not provide this and to 
>get around the limitation you must manually set request.locale in your 
>view using Products.CMFDefault.formlib.form.getLocale. This seems 
>brittle. I think it would be desirable to include such functionality in 
>Zope 2. If there is support for this, where should it go? 
>ZPublisher.HTTPRequst or somewhere in Five seem like prime candidates.

It has been discussed before:

  Adding "locale" to a Zope 2 request may introduce a name conflict --
  in those cases where "locale" is used as form variable, as a cookie
  or "set" on request.


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