[Zope-dev] Re: request.locale

Martin Aspeli optilude at gmx.net
Sat Sep 8 06:49:17 EDT 2007

Hanno Schlichting wrote:
> Laurence Rowe wrote:
>> Quite a lot of zope3 code (zc.datetimewidget for instance) expects to be
>> able to access request.locale. ZPublisher does not provide this and to
>> get around the limitation you must manually set request.locale in your
>> view using Products.CMFDefault.formlib.form.getLocale. This seems
>> brittle. I think it would be desirable to include such functionality in
>> Zope 2. If there is support for this, where should it go?
>> ZPublisher.HTTPRequst or somewhere in Five seem like prime candidates.
> My suggestion on this would be to make request.locale available in Zope
> 2.11. It would not be available through any of the other means like
> request['locale'] or request.form['locale'] but just as a simple
> property on the request itself.
> You would still be able to override it, but the set method for it would
> emit a deprecation warning telling you that you should not use this
> specific name anymore.
> The only backward incompatible change this would introduce from what I
> can tell is that checking for the presence of request.locale would
> suddenly give you a true value whereas it would have raised an error
> before. Given the unlikelihood of this and the major benefit of being
> able to use more unchanged Zope3 code, I personally would find this
> acceptable.


Is there maybe a way we can grep the major sources (Zope 2, CMF, Plone, 
Silva) to look for uses of request.locale and see if this really is a 
big problem in practice? Or, of course, make the change in a branch and 
try to look for deprecation warnings.

As we're making more of an explicit effort to use Zope 3 components, 
including UI ones, it seems to me that what Hanno is proposing 
introduces an acceptable risk and a clear migration for those who were 
using request.local (just use request['locale'] instead).


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