[Zope-dev] How to publish Zope2 products on PyPI

Andreas Jung lists at zopyx.com
Sat Sep 22 03:00:55 EDT 2007

--On 22. September 2007 07:59:48 +0200 Dieter Maurer <dieter at handshake.de> 

> During our latest discussion to put my most important Zope2 products
> into a public repository, I have promissed to publish them on
> PyPI instead. Yesterday, I started work to fulfill this promiss
> and carefully read the PyPI related documentation -- to find
> out, that it is not easy to publish Zope2 products.
> As the name suggests, PyPI is for Python packages.
> And Zope2 products rightfully are no Python packages:
>    When a Zope instance starts, it does potentially
>    expensive things for its products.
>    I have tiny Zope instances with a few inexpensive products
>    that start within a few seconds. And I have huge
>    Zope instances with lots of products which parse huge
>    XML files or have large message catalogs
>    and take half to one minute to start.
>    Definitely, I do not want that all my Zope
>    instances use the same products installed
>    via "setuptools" somewhere under the central "site-packages".

I came across a Plone products GSXML that is shipped as egg and configured
through a slug. See the docs at


Isn't that a suitable solution?

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