[Zope-dev] Re: How to publish Zope2 products on PyPI

Martin Aspeli optilude at gmx.net
Sun Sep 23 06:28:36 EDT 2007

Dieter Maurer wrote:
> Martin Aspeli wrote at 2007-9-22 12:21 +0100:
>>> Dieter Maurer wrote:
>>>   We extend the Zope2 configuration with an option "additional-products"
>>>   which lists the products used by the instance that are not
>>>   at a standard place -- such as those installed by "setuptools"
>> I really don't see the need for this kind of complication. I would never 
>> install a Products.* package into the global python interpreter. That's 
>> a recipe for pain and incompatibility. Instead, I'd use zc.buildout or 
>> virtualenv to have a sandbox for these eggs.
> We definitely have different views on "complication".
> In my view "buildout" or "virtualenv"
> are much more complication than an additional option in "zope.conf".

*shrug* - at least they're much more general, not Zope-specific and thus 
not something we need to build it and maintain.

> "Five:registerPackage" may be used as equivalent to the
> proposed new Zope configuration option "additional-products".
> Personally, I find it more natural to have the declaration
> in "zope.conf" -- for two reasons:
>   *  other product controlling options are there already (the "products" key)
>   *  no need to involve ZCML (which adds significant complexity)
> But, maybe, the wrong way has already been taken -- and we want to stick
> to it ;-)

I guess it's a matter of opinion. I think you'll find that as eggs get 
more and more important in the Python world in general, and also in 
Zope, we need to leverage them rather than fight them. I've found it 
easier to work with (and certainly to redistribute!) eggs and simpler 
packages than simple products, but it is a bit of a shift, and obviously 
not everyone is going to be happy.

However, using buildout, for example, is not very difficult, and using 
something like virtualenv is even simpler. It's like one extra command. :)


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