[Zope-dev] Plans for Zope 2.12

Andreas Jung lists at zopyx.com
Wed Jan 21 08:55:54 EST 2009

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Hi there,

based on an earlier Zope 2.12 thread


I propose that we get out an alpha version of Zope 2.12 by end
of February.


Major changes:

- - dropping Python 2.4 support officially (Python 2.4 is no longer
  officially supported by the Python developers so we can not
  safely support it)

- - focus on Python 2.6 support for the final release (although there are
  still some tests failing - more than with Python 2.5). Possibly
  focus on Python 2.5 support for the alpha phase. Not sure if
  we want to support Python 2.5 and 2.6 officially at the same time.
  With the current classification of Python versions within the
configure script I would suggest:

  TARGET=Python 2.6.X
  ACCEPTABLE=Python 2.5
  Python 2.4.X would be basically not acceptable but could be used
  at your own risk using the --with-python option.

- - complete eggification (apparently pretty much done)

- - reducing Zope 3 dependencies (apparently pretty much done)

- - removing  ZClasses completely

- - ship with ZODB 3.9 (currently in alpha stage)

Rough edges/open points I encountered so far:

- - RestrictedPython security audit: such an audit has been made
  by Stefan and Sidnei. I am not qualified to speak about the
  correctness of the audit. I assume they know what they were
  doing. Unless objections one might consider this issue as
  resolved - if not, please speak up.

- - creation of some skripts e.g. "mkzeoinstance" when easy_install-ing
  the Zope 2 source distro does not seem to work or it is still

- - how do to a "traditional" SVN checkout of the Zope 2 and the related
  Zope 3 modules? The Zope2.buildout maintains its dependencies through
  a KGS - the old-style SVN checkout uses svn:external. I think there
  is a need for having both and don't know of a save way for keeping
  the svn:externals and the KGS in sync (without additional manual


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