[Zope-dev] dropping Python 2.4 support in the Zope Toolkit?

Hanno Schlichting hannosch at hannosch.eu
Tue May 5 10:19:11 EDT 2009

Stephan Richter wrote:
> Plone is using z3c.form. We are currently in the process of releasing z3c.form 
> 2.0, which has a massive amount of new features, which are very useful. As a 
> z3c.form developer I want to stay compatible with the current Plone release, 
> because (a) the code gets tested in a very different environment, and (b) it 
> probably represents my largest user base. By dropping Python 2.4 support for 
> the Toolkit, I now have stay compatible with 2 or 3 versions of the KGS (Zope 
> 3.3?, Zope 3.4, Zope Toolkit 1.0) and 2 or 3 Python versions (2.4, 2.5, 
> 2.6?). This is a major burden. The problem is that I have this burden for 
> every package that I care about to be usable in Plone.

As a side note, we just started the community discussion about moving at
least to Zope 2.11 / 3.4 for Plone in a release by the end of this year.
This should take away some of the burden with Zope 3.3, but will not
change the Python 2.4 situation.

> As a corollary, I Think it is important that a Plone developer is on the 
> Toolkit Steering committee.

I offered my help to Martijn in the beginning if he'd had trouble to get
an odd numbered group together. I might have disqualified myself with
recent "don't care" opinions on this list however ;)


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