[Zope-dev] dropping Python 2.4 support in the Zope Toolkit?

Jens W. Klein jens at bluedynamics.com
Tue May 5 16:56:52 EDT 2009

Am Tue, 05 May 2009 15:45:31 +0200 schrieb Martijn Faassen:
> As I pointed out, it is effectively inaccessible for Plone users anyway,
> as Zope 3 is already installed. You *cannot* mix Zope Toolkit and Zope 3
> libraries just like that and expect anything to work.

I dont expect them to work. I try an test. And if it works, why not? Its 
not that painful. 

> I don't believe in this Plone (for *existing Plone releases*) user base
> anyway, so I don't think it's getting smaller.

Oh, I dont believe in much, but I know a good bunch of active developers 
and interators using Plone this way.
> If we'd have released a Zope 3.5 that didn't have Python 2.4 support,
> would you have complained that you cannot use Zope 3.5 with an existing
> Plone release?

If I'd have read the dicussion at the right time: yes.
> This is the same as trying to use Zope 3.4 and Zope 3.3  components
> together (though the changes from Zope 3.4 to the Toolkit are *bigger*
> as we move things around). It *might* just work in some cases, but it's
> unlikely it will.

Using Zope 3.4 within Zope 3.3 (like Zope 2.10) works almost fine.
> I will note that Grok 1.0 won't work with the Zope Toolkit either; we're
> sticking with Zope 3.4. Only after 1.0 will we go over to the toolkit.

Well, Grok is not as complex as Plone is. Also it has a smaller user-base.
> It is, but again, it's just wishful thinking that the toolkit libraries
> as they are released today will work in combination with a existing
> release of Plone.

As a whole: No. 
Little parts: Yes.

And yes, I wish it would be much simpler to use ZTK-bits in Plone.

regards Jens
Jens W. Klein - Klein & Partner KEG - BlueDynamics Alliance

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