[Zope-dev] "ZTK" futures: one big package?

Chris McDonough chrism at plope.com
Tue May 12 13:11:33 EDT 2009

On 5/12/09 12:46 PM, Paul Winkler wrote:
> On Tue, May 12, 2009 at 12:36:06PM -0400, Chris McDonough wrote:
>> On 5/12/09 12:27 PM, Paul Winkler wrote:
>>> I agree with a lot of what you wrote, but I don't understand this last
>>> bit.  All the currently released packages will continue to live on
>>> pypi more or less forever, no?  To paraphrase a wise man, "Releasing a
>>> package means always having to say you're sorry" ;-)
>> I don't think so.  People would need to change their code to depend on
>> the big package, and the smaller packages would cease to have a life of
>> their own. Having both the smaller packages and some bigger package that
>> also contains it and needing to maintain both truly would be the worst of
>> all possible worlds.
> I must be dense today because I still don't understand what "cease to
> have a life" means. Remove them from pypi?  How would you avoid
> breaking all the current software in the world that currently depends
> on all those distributions?

If your package depends on zope.app.publisher, you get *78* eggs.  Change that 
install_requires line in your package to "ZTK" and you get the same software. 
OTOH, packages that rely on things that are *truly reusable* like 
zope.interface, and so on will need to do nothing; those packages will continue 
to have a life of their own.

- C

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