[Zope-dev] zope.app.publication dependencies (volunteers needed!)

Hanno Schlichting hannosch at hannosch.eu
Thu May 14 18:36:09 EDT 2009

Chris McDonough wrote:
> I did a bit of research on the direct "zope.app.*" dependencies of zope.formlib.
> - I looked into its dependency on zope.app.pagetemplate.
>    It defines two "named templates" in its form.py module using
>    The ViewPageTemplateFile class from zope.app.pagetemplate.
>    Each is registered in its configure.zcml as adapter with the
>    name "default". I don't have enough zen to know what the intent
>    is here or whether the named templates could use
>    zope.pagetemplate instead.

This is part of the whole named template adapter story. The rationale
for the whole story is to be able to replace the template of a view
without touching the view. So the template is looked up as an adapter
and not just accessed as self.index / self.template. Personally I find
the whole feature just annoying and overcomplicated. I think the whole
feature is due for removal. It's only used in a very minor number of
cases and not consistently with views in general.

> - I looked into its dependency on zope.app.form.  It
>    essentially uses a bunch of interfaces from the
>    zope.app.form.interfaces package.  I don't know whether it
>    would be reasonable to move all those interfaces
>    to zope.browser or somewhere else, but essentially
>    moving those interfaces to somewhere "neutral"
>    would break this particular dependency.

Why not move the interfaces to zope.formlib and invert the dependency,
so zope.app.form depends on zope.formlib? Or are these generally useful
outside of a formlib context?


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