[Zope-dev] zope.container analysis

Chris McDonough chrism at plope.com
Thu May 14 23:05:01 EDT 2009

zope.container (32 transitive dependencies) has some possibly low-hanging 
dependency  tease-apart fruit.  Does anyone have any ideas about to sort out the 
below, particularly with externalizing the mentioned interface dependencies?

- It depends on zope.filerepresentation but depends only on its interfaces
   IReadDirectory, IWriteDirectory, and IDirectoryFactory.
   (zope.filerepresentation has 32 transitive dependencies).

- It depends on zope.app.dependable but depends only on its interfaces
   IDependable and DependencyError.  (note: zope.app.dependable might
   be a candidate to be called zope.dependable as it depends on no other zope.app
   packages; it does depend on about 20 other zope.* packages transitively tho).

- It depends on zope.publisher, but only its interfaces browser.IBrowserRequest,
   browser.IBrowserPublisher, NotFound, IDefaultViewName,
   xmlrpc.IXMLRPCPublisher, and IPublishTraverse.

- I was able to break a runtime logic dependency on zope.traversing by
   disusing zope.traversing.api.getPath in favor of using
   ILocationInfo(object).getPath().  The rest of the runtime dependencies on
   zope.traversing are interface dependencies (ITraversable, IContainmentRoot).

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