[Zope-dev] movedaddedremoved branches of zope.container and zope.lifecycleevent

Chris McDonough chrism at plope.com
Fri May 15 04:26:52 EDT 2009

I've created two codependent branches of zope.container and zope.lifecyclevent:



The intent was to move ``IObjectMovedEvent``, ``IObjectAddedEvent``, 
``IObjectRemovedEvent`` interfaces and ``ObjectMovedEvent``, 
``ObjectAddedEvent`` and ``ObjectRemovedEvent`` to the ``zope.lifecycleevent`` 
event package.  Merging this would allow us to reduce dependencies on 
zope.container in other packages (instead, those packages would just depend on 
zope.lifecycleevent, which has very few dependencies).  zope.intid is one such 
package (although it still will have one niggling dependency on "IContained" 
from zope.container even after it started to import event stuff from 

I don't know if merging this stuff is reasonable.  I do understand the 
difference between "lifecycle events" and "container events" and the events I 
moved out are definitely container events.  I just wonder if it matters to be 
completely correct terminology-wise here.  The other alternative is to create 
another package.

- C

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