[Zope-dev] zc.recipe.cmmi shared builds

Wolfgang Schnerring ws at gocept.com
Tue May 12 10:56:35 EDT 2009

* Wolfgang Schnerring <ws at gocept.com> [2009-03-24 16:01]:
> * Wolfgang Schnerring <ws at gocept.com> [2009-03-24 10:26]:
>> I'd like to extend zc.recipe.cmmi to support shared build directories.
> Implemented in r98334. I'll use this locally over the next few days, and will
> then try to push out a release if it proves stable.

Looks good so far. Could someone do a release of zc.recipe.cmmi
(or grant 'wosc' pypi access so I can do it myself)?


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