[Zope-dev] zope.app.publication dependencies (volunteersneeded!)

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Tue May 19 09:26:48 EDT 2009

Michael Howitz wrote:
> Am 15.05.2009 um 13:30 schrieb Martijn Faassen:
> [...]
>> Cool. It would seem to make sense that the named template mechanism is
>> bundled along with the page template library anyway (instead of the  
>> form
>> library). zope.formlib currently depends on zope.app.pagetemplate  
>> too so
>> we could easily leave a backwards compatibility import in place.
> Done. Moved namedtemplate to zope.app.pagetemplate and made new  
> releases of
> zope.app.pagetemplate
> zope.formlib
> Also cut the dependency of zope.app.publication on zope.app.exception  
> by moving ISystemErrorView to zope.browser. Released:
> zope.browser
> zope.app.exception
> zope.app.publication

Very cool, thanks very much for doing this work!

Looking at the new dependency cycle graphs again. This is the before:


And this is the after:


zope.app.exception is now taken from the graph (good!)

Somehow a direct cyclical dependency between zope.app.publication and 
zope.app.publication now exists where there wasn't any before. 
zope.app.publication now depends on zope.app.publisher and it didn't do 
so in the past. Ah, it looks like this was actually a missing dependency 
which got added about 6 weeks ago. We need to get rid of it...

Let's continue with the other refactoring:

It looks like we still need to lose the dependency of zope.app.publisher 
on zope.app.component, or alternatively (or in addition) lose the 
dependency on zope.app.component on zope.formlib and zope.app.security.

The zope.app.security dependency turns out to be only a test dependency, 
so I just made it such.

zope.app.component is starting to look pretty empty. I can see three 
things still going on in it:

* some browser views in zope.app.component.browser. These are to support 
  the ZMI and can stay where they are.

* the registration of the zope:view and zope:resource directives. I'm 
not sure what these are for, as we have browser:view and 
browser:resource. Perhaps these can be safely lifted into 
zope.app.publisher, which defines the browser:* varieties

* the code in zope.app.component vocabularies. This is support code to 
create vocabularies for utilities. It depends on zope.interface, 
zope.component and zope.schema, and zope.app.interface.

It might be sensible to move this vocabulary stuff (along with the one 
in zope.app.interface that we depend on) into a package called 
zope.componentvocabulary. We can jettison zope.app.component then. 
zope.componentvocabulary would depend on zope.schema, zope.component, 
zope.interface and zope.security only.

We can then make zope.app.publisher depend on zope.componentvocabulary 
and lose the zope.formlib dependency, along with the zope.app.security 

Anyone wants to work on zope.componentvocabulary? It'd contain 
zope.app.component.vocabulary + surrounding tests, and 
zope.app.interface's vocabulary that it depends on.



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