[Zope-dev] zope.app.publication dependencies (volunteers needed!)

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Fri May 22 12:57:50 EDT 2009


Chris McDonough wrote:
> I tried to go after this today (reversing the dependency setup between 
> zope.formlib and zope.app.form).  There are hundreds of changes that need to be 
> made to move interfaces to zope.formlib.  I made them (more or less 
> mechanically) but then couldn't get the tests to pass.  Since I don't actually 
> use zope.formlib, I don't think it's appropriate that I commit anything.

All right, thanks for trying. Hopefully someone else can take a look at 
it at some point.

> OTOH, I'm pretty convinced that this action would be a win for packages that 
> depend on formlib.  I found these:
> ./zope.app.component-3.7.0-py2.5.egg/EGG-INFO/requires.txt:zope.formlib
> ./zope.app.exception-3.5.0-py2.5.egg/EGG-INFO/requires.txt:zope.formlib
> ./zope.app.zcmlfiles-3.5.3-py2.5.egg/EGG-INFO/requires.txt:zope.formlib

With the recent changes zope.app.component is almost devoid of code and 
packages that relied on zope.app.component now can rely on other 
packages and entirely avoid the zope.formlib dependency.

zope.app.exception only depended on formlib's namedtemplate facility 
which now resides in zope.app.pagetemplate instead.

zope.app.zcmlfiles is a scary package that just pulls in a lot of ZCML 
that hopefully can vanish entirely over time.



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