[Zope-dev] package dependency refactoring progress report

Shane Hathaway shane at hathawaymix.org
Fri May 22 19:11:52 EDT 2009

Chris McDonough wrote:
> On 5/22/09 1:11 PM, Martijn Faassen wrote:
>> After some work we'd gotten it down to this:
>> http://startifact.com/depgraphs/zope_app_publisher_cycles2.svg
>> And by now the main cycles left are these:
>> http://startifact.com/depgraphs/zope_app_publisher_cycles3.svg
>> So, the only dependency cycles left in zope.app.publisher are these:
>> zope.app.publisher<-->  zope.app.publication<-->  zope.app.http
> In isolation, it sort of looks like we should just collapse zope.app.publication 
> and zope.app.http *into* zope.app.publisher, given that the relationships 
> between the packages are all cyclical.

Well, zope.app.publication and zope.app.publisher are really completely 
different, despite their similar names.  zope.app.publication is a 
publisher implementation, while zope.app.publisher contains publishable 
resources.  IMHO, zope.app.publisher is more broadly useful than 

So I'm working on removing the dependency from zope.app.publisher to 
zope.app.publication.  It's mostly done, but I'm writing tests for the 
code I'm moving, since it never had any tests...

I'm thinking about also removing the reverse dependency 
(zope.app.publication -> zope.app.publisher).  I think the default view 
name logic might belong in publication, not publisher.


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