[Zope-dev] package dependency refactoring progress report

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Sat May 23 14:40:36 EDT 2009

Shane Hathaway wrote:
> Martijn Faassen wrote:
>> So, the only dependency cycles left in zope.app.publisher are these:
>> zope.app.publisher <--> zope.app.publication <--> zope.app.http
> I fixed those tonight.  On the trunk, there are no longer any 
> dependencies between zope.app.publisher, zope.app.publication, and 
> zope.app.http, except testing dependencies.

Cool! Thanks very much!

> Here is a summary of what I did:
[snip summary]
> - I used zope.deferred to deprecate things I moved from 
> zope.app.publication, zope.app.publisher, and zope.app.http.  Are there 
> any objections to using zope.deferred in those packages?

No objection, but what's the reason to use zope.deferred instead of 
straight imports or zope.deprecation? To break the dependencies?

> In all, I changed 6 packages.  Should I release them now, or should I 
> look for other dependencies we might clean up at the same time?  

I'm +1 on releasing now. (and thanks for making them feature releases) 
Getting these things out there gives everybody who plays with this nicer 
dependency graphs and this tends to help improvement.



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