[Zope-dev] Test failure in zope.traversing 3.7.0

Tres Seaver tseaver at palladion.com
Wed May 27 12:58:00 EDT 2009

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Tres Seaver wrote:
> Andreas Jung wrote:
>> I get the following failure while running the Zope 2.12 tests:
>> ajung at suxmac2:~/sandboxes/Zope-2.12/2.12 bin/alltests             
>> Test-module import failures:
>> Module: zope.traversing.tests.test_vhosting
>> Traceback (most recent call last):
>>   File
>> "/Users/ajung/.buildout/eggs/zope.traversing-3.7.0-py2.5.egg/zope/traversing/tests/test_vhosting.py",
>> line 28, in <module>
>>     from zope.app.zptpage.zptpage import ZPTPage
>>   File
>> "/Users/ajung/.buildout/eggs/zope.app.zptpage-3.5.0-py2.5.egg/zope/app/zptpage/__init__.py",
>> line 18, in <module>
>>     from zptpage import ZPTPage
>>   File
>> "/Users/ajung/.buildout/eggs/zope.app.zptpage-3.5.0-py2.5.egg/zope/app/zptpage/zptpage.py",
>> line 29, in <module>
>>     from zope.app.pagetemplate.engine import AppPT
>> ImportError: No module named engine
> 'alltests' is likely to break frequently during refactorings, I'm
> afraid.  I ran 'bin/test --all' before committing changes, but didn't
> run that one.
> That test is intrinsically broken on a couple of axes:
> - It depends on 'zope.app.zptpage' to create a renderable object (ACK!)
> - It depends on other 'zope.app.*' packages inappropriately.
> - It imports a bunch of stuff at module scope.
> - It tests too much in individual methods.
> I will update the tests to remove all 'zope.app' dependencies, which
> will fix this problem when I release the new egg.

Ugh.  I got stuck trying to fix the tests, which are pretty nasty.  As a
workaround, I just released zope.app.pagetemplate 3.7.1, which restores
the importabiltiy of the names from 'zope.app.pagetemplate.engine' via
BBB imports from 'zope.pagetemplate.engine'.

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